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The oven produces smoke

  • Check that the wood is not too moist and the embers are not unburned.

  • Make sure that you have started a fire with vivid flames, gradual but steady, in order to avoid incomplete combustion.

  • If the oven is installed indoors, check the chimney flue and any air inlets in the room.

  • It is recommended to close the oven door.

The oven does not heat

  • Check that the fire is on one side of the oven and not near the opening

  • Fire with vivid flames for 20minutes.

  • Do not amass the wood over the embers.

  • Gradually add the wood to the fire.

The oven cools down quickly

  • Check that no moisture or water has infiltrated the oven.

  • It may be lit for the first time or after a long idle period.

  • Avoid sudden short fires that do not warm the bottom of the oven.

The flames come out of the front opening or chimney cap

  • Avoid excessive fires and immediately dampen the flames that reach out of the oven by resting the door over the mouth of the oven, leaving a gap of 1-2 inches.

Can the oven be placed directly on countertop without supplied feet?

  • No, the feet must be used to allow for air to flow beneath the bottom of the oven floor.

Cracked gasbeton or firebrick

  • Firebricks can crack and pose no problems or performance issues when cooking on your Oven.

  • Gasbeton insulation brick is inherently brittle and many times is cracked from large pieces just to get into the oven mouth for placement under the firebrick in assembly. This is completely normal.

  • If you ever have a cavity in either of your bricks you can turn it and use the other side or replace it.

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